Beekeeping Supplies


Here is a list of the supplies I sell for beekeepers. Please note that there may be a waiting period for some items, since I order in bulk and am sold out a lot. These are the same grade or better than you find at other suppliers.


Deep box with frames and foundation, unassembled, commercial grade from Mann Lake. $49

Super with frames and foundation, unassembled, Medium depth (“illinois depth”). Commercial grade.  $44

Solid bottom boards, assembled, $13 (please note I do not sell screened bottom boards as I have found they kill hives).

Migratory tops, $13

Inner feeders (frames feeders”)  $7

Outer feeders (boardman feeders) without jar, $6

Queen excluders (used) $7

smokers, stainless steel, with heat guard, $18

“J-hook” hive tool, $5.50

Complete bee suit, $42

Complete working hive, $300.    Complete beehives, ten frame deep box with bees, queen, pollen, and honey, $300. Please go to the Tulsa Craigslist, and search for bees or beehive to see my listing and more details. These are available in the Spring but you have to get your order in early, typically before February or even earlier because I get booked up solid.

other supplies available on request

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